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Hearing Testing

Comprehensive Hearing Testing and Evaluation

The first step in addressing hearing loss is a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Oakland Audiology will administer a thorough, state-of-the-art hearing evaluation in a special sound-treated room.

  • We will start with a thorough case history to identify your primary concerns, as well as any possible causes and related factors to the hearing loss
  • Otoscopy will be performed to assess the ear canal and confirm that it is not blocked by ear wax or other foreign objects. If the ear canal is blocked, it will be cleared prior to completing the hearing test
  • The hearing test takes between 20 and 30 minutes, and will include a pressure test to evaluate the movement of the ear drum, listening and responding to beeps under headphones, and repeating words
  • We will identify the nature and extent of your hearing loss
  • We will discover the degree to which it interferes with your ability to understand speech

If your tests suggest a medical problem,we will refer you to your physician with copies of your evaluation.

If your hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids, we will discuss the different types of instruments available and help you choose the best system for your hearing loss and lifestyle.