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Hearing Protection

In today’s noisy world, many commonplace activities can put stress on your hearing and even eventually lead to hearing loss. Oakland Audiology specializes in hearing loss prevention. We offer a wide range of products and strategies for protecting your hearing. Our office also conducts free informational meetings about hearing conservation topics on a regular basis.

Your ears and hearing protection needs are unique. Custom-made hearing protection provides the perfect fit and repeatable effectiveness. Ask us about our affordable custom hearing protection solutions for:

• Musicians (earplugs; earplug filters (ER 15 and 25 custom; ER 20 non-custom); ear level monitors)
• Heavy equipment operators and construction workers
• Motorcyclists
• Swimmers (molds for swimmers with tubes or perforated eardrums)
• Dental hygienists
• Motor sports enthusiasts
• Hunters and shooters (earpieces for high-level impact noise environments)
• Personal listening

To find out more about hearing protection solutions, call Oakland Audiology at (248) 673-8000.